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Hi. I'm Otto Lutz.

I work across engineering, design and psychology, creating new ways of interaction between humans and technology.
Catch words: sonification, auditory display, multimodal interaction, eye-tracking, gaze interaction, privacy, cyber security, awareness.

On the other side, my big passion is making music, on handpan, piano and electronic instruments.
Check out my handpan artist page on facebook!
And I love photography. I'm amazed by faces that emanate a whole story of a lifetime.


I design and create new ways of computer-human interaction.


Particularly, I am interested in sonification and auditory feedback, multimodal interaction and the effects of using eye gaze, which is primarily a modality of perception, for human-machine interaction. My current research field is concerning the human factor in privacy and cyber security, particularly the transformation of mental models average users have of privacy issues and cyber security threats.
Sonification is an interdisciplinary research on the use of sound (usually non-speech audio) to convey information or perceptualize data. In our research group, we focus on examining how sonic feedback on privacy-related concerns during user interaction can increase privacy awareness. We develop and study diverse sonification artifacts which transform data into sound, combining computer science with psychology and an artistic approach. More details on my sonification research can be found on my Weizenbaum Institute profile page.

I work for Fraunhofer FOKUS, in the business unit ESPRI (Electronic Safety and Security Systems for the Public and Industries) and for the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society. I am affiliated with Dr. Thomas Hermann from Bielefeld University as my PhD co-supervisor. Earlier, I worked for the chairs of Human-Machine Systems (Prof. Rötting) and Industrial Automation Technology (Prof. Krüger) at TU Berlin, with a focus on eye-tracking and gaze interaction in virtual reality.


I love taking pictures, especially of interesting faces.
I am a freelance photographer based in Berlin, feel free to contact me!


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Last but not least a great source of inspiration for exploring, designing and creating new amazingly inspiring artifacts. There is so much possible, even with few ressources and only fundamental knowledge - you just need to have an idea and the will to pursue it.